Good Food; Red Wine, Chocolate, and Cheese

Henry Delaney

Good Food; Red Wine, Chocolate, and Cheese


Red Wine Makes Me Happy

It’s pretty widely known that red wine in moderation is good for heart health, but looking at that in a wider context red wine also makes you happy. To point out the chemistry is essentially six degrees of Kevin Bacon for bio-chem… nobody really wants to read that, nor to I really want to explain it – but the long and short of it is that red wine is loaded with anti-oxidants. So red wine is good for my heart, it’s rich in anti-oxidants, and it tastes good … kind of sounds genius if you ask me – Red wine in moderation: Check.

Food “PEAR”-ings for Added Health

The trouble with red wine is that it’s best when paired with something, and though bread is delicious, it’s kind of the devil when it comes to my meal plan – So what is healthy that goes well with red wine? Fortunately there are two things that are also to be enjoyed in moderation that are fantastic friends of red wine; Chocolate and Cheese.

Chocolate and Cheese Please!

Chocolate is another food packed with anti-oxidants, and darker chocolates are very low in sugars and additives. Finding the right chocolate for the right wine can be a very fun challenge, and it’s usually best to sample several kinds of chocolate to find the right one for your palate.
All cheeses are generally high in calcium and protein, two things that your body can never really get enough of. Cheese however is often trickier for most folks – many people have dairy allergies, are lactose intolerant, or just don’t have the knowledge of “what is good cheese”. This is where I always look to my local shop owner for some technical support, personally I have dairy allergies but can enjoy many different kinds of goat milk – which still leaves me with hard and soft cheeses that run the gambit of very rich strongly flavored cheeses, to softer and more mild – again what a fun adventure.

Pear Shoppe and Delicatessen

Pear Delicatessen & Shoppe is one of the premier delis in the city of Seattle, with a wide array of fine wine and gourmet chocolates and cheeses from around the world. Located in the center of historic Pike Place Market, Pear continues to provide both locals and visitors with some of the finest foods, products and home cooked delights.


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